Anti-cheating mechanisms have been used in TypeRacer to promote fair-play and healthy competition. Here is a list of some anti-cheating mechanisms on the TypeRacer Game.


CAPTCHA tests are one of the Anti-Cheating mechanisms on TypeRacer.

A user is asked to type within 25% of the wpm score achieved by them in the race that activated CAPTCHA. For example, if the user gets 145 wpm in a race, the typing tests now asks the user to type at only 108 wpm, whereas before, it asked for 125. If the user passes the test in this example with, say, 109 wpm, the user will actually be certified for 145 wpm since that was the original race score.  Similarly, if the user passes this test with 150 wpm, you would be certified for 150 wpm, since it’s greater than your race result.  Being certified to type at X wpm means that a user will not be asked to take the typing test unless if their score exceeds X+25%.  So if a user is certified at 150 wpm, for example, they are clear to type up to 187 without having to take the test again. [1]

Report buttonEdit

Right-click a user and click “Report user”, click the link, and fill out the form indicating the reason for reporting the user. The options in the 'Why' section are 'Profanity,' 'Cheating,' 'Harassment,' 'Spam,' and 'Other'. Then fill in some details (optional). [2]

Admin ToolsEdit

  • Improved report-user functionality, which now integrates into back-end admin tools, making it even easier to identify not only cheaters, but users reported for profanity, harassment, and other violations. [2]
  • Cheaters/abusers can be banned in 20 seconds, after which they will be logged out, and never be able to login again. [2]
  • Cheaters/abusers will be removed from the high scores immediately, without risk of data loss. [2]
  • Cheaters/abusers will be automatically banned after enough reputable users report them. [2]
  • Admins can un-ban people if they ever make a mistake or decide to give someone a second chance, and the previously banned user's data will not be lost. [2]

Other measures taken to prevent cheatingEdit

  • Removing guests from the high scores [2]
  • Back-end tools for identifying cheaters [2]
  • Temporary banning of users flagged by admins [2]
  • Back-end account deletion [2]



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